Why is Big Photography so important to Web Designers?

Big photography is growing as a phenomenon within web design, as increasing numbers begin to recognize and appreciate the benefits of big and beautiful backgrounds. Large, successful brands such as Apple and Google Nexus already incorporate big photography into their website design, and many others are following suit. But why is big photography suddenly so important to web designers? Here are the three main benefits of big photography that explain its increasing use in web designer.

1. Communicating your message instantly The importance of grabbing users’ attention as quickly as possible cannot be underestimated, and perhaps the best way to communicate your message instantly is through the use of big photography. A visitors’ eyes are naturally drawn first to big photography, providing you an excellent opportunity to promote the message about your business that you want them to understand. For example, a restaurant may have a big photograph of one of its finest dishes as the background to its website, with a sentence such as “Fine dining in a friendly environment”. Straight away, this informs potential diners about the restaurant and entices them to explore the site further to find out more.

2. Adding aesthetic beauty The appearance of your site is crucially important. This is because attractive and visually appealing websites contribute to improved user experience and therefore help with converting users to customers. In contrast, dull and uninviting sites are rarely, if ever, successful at achieving their designer’s aims. If used well, large photographs can be an important part of your website designer appearance, adding aesthetic beauty that conveys a sense of stylishness and sophistication to users, as well as engaging them with your company.

3. Showcasing your products Big and beautiful background images of your products in action can be a powerful and effective way to showcase them to potential customers, who are instantly given a better view of what you offer and can therefore quickly appreciate its value. This is particularly helpful in encouraging visitors to purchase a product, as it significantly reduces the time they have to spend searching for something that they wish to buy. Put your best products in a prominent position on your site using big photography and watch as they sell like hotcakes! Good examples of companies superbly showcasing their products with big photography include the aforementioned Google Nexus, HTC and Juliana Bicycles. Conclusion Big photography is a trend in web design that seems only set to become more popular heading into the rest of 2015. This is because it brings many benefits, including communicating your message instantly, adding aesthetic beauty and showcasing your products. When initially designing or updating your website, take time to consider whether your business’ site could benefit from incorporating big photography. Related Blogs What Can We Learn from Single-Page Website Design? Should You Start a Business Blog? Why is Wireframing so Important?




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